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Hadfield Family Dental

Introduction and Client Background

Hadfield Family Dental, a family-owned dental practice serving the community for over 14 years, sought to improve online visibility and organic traffic. Despite their experience, limited digital presence prompted them to approach us for an SEO overhaul, aiming to double website traffic and enhance search rankings.

Challenges and Goals

  • Limited online visibility, leading to low organic traffic.
  • Inadequate search engine rankings for crucial dental care keywords.
  • Objective: Significantly increase website traffic and achieve higher search rankings for specific industry-related keywords within six months.

Strategy and Implementation

  • Identifying and targeting high-potential keywords like “dentist in Hadfield” and “dentist near me.”
  • Creating a blog featuring dental health tips, incorporating targeted keywords.
  • Optimising website content and meta tags for improved accessibility and user experience on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Building backlinks from popular healthcare blogs and local suppliers to enhance domain authority.
  • Enhancing website loading speed and ensure mobile responsiveness for improved user experience and search rankings.


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Increase in Organic Traffic

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Increase in Patient Booking

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