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Google search advertising is a highly effective form of pull marketing. This means that your audience already has an intent to buy or procure a product or service. Our Google ads certified experts rank your ads on top positions to send ultra-targeted audiences to your website on a daily basis. Work with a team that has a proven track record of delivering a 600% return on ad spend on average in the past year.

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100 ROI focused

ROI focused

Generated 5 M Revenue

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Campaign Optimisations



Why Skyward Digital?

Take your Google advertising ROI to the next level with comprehensive paid search growth strategies and superior management.


Agency You Can Trust

Leave the details and execution to us. We’ll always keep you posted with transparent reporting.

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Google Ads Setup

We handle the entire setup, from account setup, tracking, copies, and landing page designs, so you don’t have to worry about any of the technical stuff.


Unique Process

We’re constantly testing new strategies to best our previous numbers. As a result, we’re always scaling up your ads and never taking the back seat.



We’re just a tap away. With our Google Ads certified success managers and our after hours support team, you and your campaigns are never left unattended.

Our Process

Identify Goals

Identify Goals

Everything we do is focused on maximising your ROI. We identify goals, evaluate historical data, and create a clear plan during our initial evaluation.

Setup Tracking

All of our PPC marketing staff is Google Ads and Google Analytics certified. We can integrate simple to advanced tracking options for any clients, regardless of their tech stack.

Define Keywords & Targeting

You can burn hundreds of thousands of dollars every year if you don’t use the appropriate keywords and targeting. When approaching new clients, we frequently find that deleting subpar ads and keywords more than pays for our fees. In many cases, we either refine their account or create a new one from scratch.

Define Keywords Targeting

Create Ad Copies

Because you are only as good as your copy and creative, we ensure that your copy is best-in-class by putting our experience, data analysis, and testing abilities to full use.

Landing Page Optimisation

We use our unique and proven CRO methods to maximise conversion rates on your website’s advertising landing pages.

Identify Most Profitable Markets


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Living Free Psychology

I couldn’t be happier with the incredible work that Skyward Digital has done for my telehealth psychology clinic, Living Free Psychology. From the moment we connected, their team p….
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Gum & Dental Implant Centre

They’ve worked wonders for our social media and ads! Our website also has a good deal of traction thanks to their blogs, and we also get a steady flow of calls now. The team’s meti….
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We needed help with spreading word about our clear aligners, which is a highly competitive space. Skyward managed our social media, Google Ads, and PPC campaigns, and wrote content….

Case Studies

living free psychology

Online Mental Health Services

Living Free Psychology 1
0 %

Conversions Increased

0 %

CPA Decreased to 7.44%

0 +


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Dental Practice In Hadfield, VIC

hadfield 2
0 %

Increase In Organic Traffic

0 %

Increase in Patient Booking


Cleaning Services Provider

0 %

Conversion rate increased from 3.95% to 16.8%

0 %

Conversions increased

0 %

CPA Decreased to 6.92%

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Get in touch today to receive a $2000 free audit of your website, let us help you unlock your business’ potential!