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We specialise in helping businesses of all sizes improve their online presence and drive more leads and sales through targeted advertising.

We’ve generated over $5 M in revenue for our clients in 2022! Google Ads Management generated well over $5 million in revenue just in 2018!

We know how to create compelling ad campaigns that grab attention and drive results across PPC platforms like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora and Tik Tok.

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100 ROI focused

ROI focused

Generated 5 M Revenue

$5 M+ Revenue

Daily Campaign Optimisations

Campaign Optimisations



Our Seasoned Team Of PPC Experts Can Help You With

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Facebooks Ads

We help our clients reach their ideal customers and drive them to take action through superior targeting, effective ad copy, visuals, and calls-to-action.

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Instagram Ads

We utilise Instagram ads to increase our clients’ leads and sales by creating visually appealing and engaging ads that are delivered to the right audience.

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Google Ads

We use a combination of keyword research, ad copywriting, and bid management to ensure that our clients’ ads are seen by the right people at the right time.

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Microsoft Ads

We leverage the second most important search engine after Google, Microsoft ads, to deliver effective ad campaigns to your target audience.

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TikTok Ads

We utilise TikTok ads to increase our clients revenue by creating fun and engaging ads that capture the attention of younger audiences on the platform.

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LinkedIn Ads

By using LinkedIn’s advanced targeting options, we can help our clients connect with their ideal customers and drive them to take action on the world’s largest professional network.

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Quora Ads

Increase your leads by reaching a highly engaged audience on the popular question and answer platform.

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Real Estate









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Our Process

Identify Goals

Identify Goals

Everything we do is focused on maximising your ROI. We identify goals, evaluate historical data, and create a clear plan during our initial evaluation.

Setup Tracking

All of our PPC marketing staff is Google Ads and Google Analytics certified. We can integrate simple to advanced tracking options for any clients, regardless of their tech stack.

Define Keywords & Targeting

You can burn hundreds of thousands of dollars every year if you don’t use the appropriate keywords and targeting. When approaching new clients, we frequently find that deleting subpar ads and keywords more than pays for our fees. In many cases, we either refine their account or create a new one from scratch.

Define Keywords Targeting

Create Ad Copies

Because you are only as good as your copy and creative, we ensure that your copy is best-in-class by putting our experience, data analysis, and testing abilities to full use.

Landing Page Optimisation

We use our unique and proven CRO methods to maximise conversion rates on your website’s advertising landing pages.

Identify Most Profitable Markets


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Living Free Psychology

I can’t thank Skyward Digital enough for their incredible work in helping my telehealth psychology clinic, Living Free Psychology, thrive in the digital world. Their expertise in s….
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We needed help with spreading word about our clear aligners, which is a highly competitive space. Skyward managed our social media, Google Ads, and PPC campaigns, and wrote content….
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Hadfield Family Dental

Skyward Digital’s services have been invaluable to us. Their expertise in social media management, Google Ads, PPC, and content creation has significantly elevated our online prese….

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Get in touch today to receive a $2000 free audit of your website, let us help you unlock your business’ potential!